Natural Stone - Durable, Elegant & Beautiful

The unique, rich beauty and durable nature of natural stone surfaces in a building enhance the day-to-day quality of life for occupants and increase the value of the building for its owner.

Granite is quarried from dozens of countries and occurs in a wide array of colours and non-uniform patterns that give each slab character and make it a unique work of art. Granite is hard and highly resistant to scratches, acids and alkalis, so it will not mark from common foods, beverages or household cleaners, making it ideal for heavily used indoor and outdoor surfaces. Staining was once a problem but with today’s sealers, it is no longer a concern.

Limestone is found in abundance worldwide and consists mainly of calcite from fossilised marine animals. It varies in colour, porosity and strength. Limestone has a smooth granular surface that is devoid of visible graining or crystalline structure.

Travertine is formed deep underground near hot bubbling springs, which deposit calcite and create its characteristic pits and pores. These pits are often filed with synthetic resins or cements while being made into slabs. Travertine ranges in colour from the palest hues of ivory to deep shades of gold, red, and brown.

Soapstone is a soft but dense stone that wears well and is resistant to acids and alkalis, making it a popular choice for use in outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas.

Onyx is created when water dissolves limestone and then re-deposits it into a new form. This beautiful stone is characterised by its translucence, and can be back-lit for striking, dramatic effects. Onyx is very soft and somewhat brittle, so it should be installed where it will not be subject to hard wear.

Marble is recrystallised limestone whose beauty and soft glow make it an ideal choice for counter tops and other surfaces in areas that are not subject to hard wear. With today’s sealers, marble performs well against staining.