New In at Fossil Stone – Cement-like Porcelain Tiles

A fresh, playful reunion with the grandeur of bygone days and a return of magnificent tiles that are appreciated the world over. A great deal of passion and energy has gone into compiling a major collection of patterned tiles. New and old designs unite to form a vivid, lasting whole with scores of possible applications.

We have modernised the timeless, as it were. Thanks to innovative technology, the pattern melts into the tile during the firing process, making the tiles easy to lay and look after. The atmosphere of the past combined with the convenience of the present. Taking a creative look at a valuable tradition, we celebrate patterned tiles.

Our collection comprises 7 series: La Madeleine, Bel-Air, La Villette, Louvre, Elysee, Sorbonne and Tuilerie.

La Madeleine was our first collection. This is where it all began. This collection consists of 45 patterns in 20 x 20 cm. La Madeleine ranges from very classical to modern patterns and includes one edge and corner tile.

Bel-Air is inspired entirely by old patterns from the «Belle Epoque». Old mansions, brasseries, old bathhouses, stations and palaces form the basis for this collection. Bel-Air is an ode to a treasured, timeless tradition in both style and size. The collection includes nine styles in 15 x 15 cm. Thanks to the very latest techniques in ceramic tile production, these tiles look thoroughly authentic and are very hard-wearing, so they can be used anywhere.

La Villette has seven styles in 20 x 20 cm. This series came into being due to the great demand for project tiles. They are very hard-wearing, so these commercial patterns are ideally suited for large-scale projects such as catering facilities, hotels and public spaces. The patterns are playful and supplement the collection beautifully.

All of these patterned tiles are suitable for floors and walls.

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